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San Fernando, Romblon, Philippines

Friday, November 17, 2017

A time to chill out, if you love nature, beaches, quiet and peaceful place, this is one of the best place to be, San Fernando, Romblon, Philippines. This place is not crowded but still there are residents that built cottages nearby where you can chill and sing at Karaoke. This was super fun and one of the most memorable vacations that I had.

San Fernando, Romblon, Philippines


Sanur Beach at Bali, Indonesia

Saturday, July 15, 2017

As Bali is a small island, there is nowhere that cannot be reached in a single day. You do not really need a fixed itinerary but only a general plan of places to visit and stay. Almost the entire island is ready and waiting for visitors from around the world, so it is better to be mobile, travel light, have a comfortable pair of shoes, and carry a positive attitude!

Bali is gentle and kind to the inexperienced traveler. Most of the local people have at least a limited knowledge of English, low cost accommodation is plentiful, transport is usually reliable, a wide choice of food awaits you, and there is safe drinking water


Sanur beach has long been a popular recreation site. The palm-lined beach curves from the Bali Beach Hotel toward the south and faces the Indian Ocean to the east. On this beach, you will discover many wonderful hotels, restaurants, shops, and other tourist facilities. Sanur is only a short distance from public transportation accesses in Denpasar, and trips to and from the city are available well into the night. Offshore reefs protect the beach from waves and it is thus a great site for windsurfing, boating, and various types of water-sports. Sanur is also famous for its black and white sorcery practices.



Woman’s Safety

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ever been in one situation where in you’re in danger and you are alone, no one to save you or protect you? I haven’t experienced that but ofcourse i never wish to be under this situation. In most situations, you are under one group but what if you are alone already? You may never know, how careful you are, things happen. And much better if you are prepared and ready for any trouble.

As girls, people think that we are weak and relies to men to be saved but  i don’t believe that especially if you know what to do or if you are prepared more than anyone. Your safety is the very first thing you prioritize whenever you go out of the house. When you go out, better be prepared with emergency kits to protect you like pepper spray, stun guns or personal alarms. This are one of the best tools that girls can keep to protect themselves. If you want to protect yourself, better have this tools ready on your pockets or hand bags. This tiny tools can give you a chance to save your life so better be prepared than be sorry. Better be ready before it’s too late.


Truck Accessories Online

Saturday, May 22, 2010

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One of the Best Beaches in Asia- Tioman Island, Malaysia

Thursday, April 15, 2010


What it lacks in size, Tioman Island makes up for in beauty: lush jungles, crystal-clear streams, and dazzling white-sand beaches teeming with marine life. You may already have seen Tioman Island without even knowing it – the place stood in for Bali Hai in the movie South Pacific.

The profusion of white coral reefs around the island makes Tioman a scuba diver’s dream: clear waters to depths of a hundred feet provide an unobstructed view of multi-hued coral and tropical fish.

Tioman is not as developed as Bali or Phuket – good news for the backpacker looking for something off the beaten track. Juara Bay is as isolated as you can get: a quiet beach on the east coast, braced by three rivers leading to waterfalls in the jungle.

Accommodations range from Spartan to comfortable – you can rent a hut on the beach for about US$7 a night, or you could spend a bit more for an air-conditioned chalet. Any accommodation may be hard to find during peak season, so it’s prudent to reserve in advance.